Maurice Sendak (1928~ )

    1. Maurice Sendak: Life
    2. The Artistry of Maurice Sendak : Part 1
    3. The Artistry of Maurice Sendak : Part 2
    4. American Masters : Maurice Sendak
    5. Where the Wild Things Are
    6. Early Sequences of "In The Night Kitchen
    7. Sketches of Jennie from Higglety Pigglety Pop
       and a Picture of Real Jennie
Art of Maurice Sendak, The
Selma G. Lanes ڡڡڡڡ
Hardcover, Mania
p (1984.10) $29.95
The book's rich text is exemplary--based on interviews, conversations, and extensive research by Sendak's close friend Selma Lanes. The author invites us into the very special world of Maurice Sendak, a place of fantasies and wonderment, a land where adults can be children--and never grow up.--Naomi Gesinger

Caldecott Celebration : Six Artists Share Their Paths to the Caldecott Medal
Leonard S. Marcus ڡڡڡڡ
Hardcover, Mania
48p (1998310) $18.95
In observance of the sixtieth anniversary of the Caldecott Medal, Leonard Marcus, noted for his critical work in the history of children's literature, presents a gathering of essays on six of the honorees, one from each decade. A concise introduction provides historical background for the award, the rationale for its name, the selection process, and the influence of the honor on the lives of the recipients. The artists, listed in chrono-logical order, include Robert McCloskey, Make Way for Ducklings . The format for each essay is the same, eliciting a feeling of thematic unity: a reproduction of the jacket paired with a photograph of the illustrator as he or she appeared when the book was published; title of the winning book; a brief acknowledgment of essential biographical facts; the name of the publisher; and the medium used for the illustrations. A pertinent quote from the artists' Caldecott acceptance speeches precedes the individual studies. The text is remarkable for the smooth integration of explanatory material with overall commentary, and selective detail creates a sense of intimacy and understanding. The research never overpowers the narrative, but the reader knows that it is there-a firm footing for the structure it supports. A fresh, inviting examination of an established process and ritual. With a listing of a Caldecott medal winners, 1938-1998; glossary; and index of proper names. -- Copyright 1998 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.
Wings of an Artist : Children's Book Illustrators Talk About Their Art
Julie Cummins ڡڡڡڡ
Hardcover, Mania
32p (1999.9) $17.95
Twenty illustrators (or illustrating teams) have each been given a large page to showcase their work and tell about their craft. Many write just a few sentences, some half a page, and most tell about their childhood and how it affected their future profession. The entries are uneven, and while most of the artists are well known, a bibliography would have been helpful. Related activities and discussion questions are provided at the back. -- Copyright 1999 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.
Written & Illustrated by
Maurice Sendak

Illustrated by
Maurice Sendak 1

Illustrated by
Maurice Sendak 2

Reference Books
  1. Art of Maurice Sendak, The
  2. Caldecott Celebration : Six Artists
      Share Their Paths to the Caldecott
  3. Wings of an Artist : Children's Book
      Illustrators Talk About Their Art